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Welcome to Infinite Lights. We specialize in lithium coin cell and other consumer batteries, and LED Photon lights. We offer FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders $15 and over, and sell only fresh, brand name batteries.

Photon II


The Photon Freedom & Photon II lights, from the makers of the original LED Photon light, are the smallest and brightest lights you can buy. Don't be fooled by less expensive knockoffs - Photon lights come with a lifetime warranty. They never break and the bulb never blows. For the ultimate light show, choose the Rav'n Rave Light!

Photon lights use CR2016 or CR2032 batteries, depending on bulb color. Though only the size of a quarter, you can always count on your photon light to come through in emergencies. Purchase one for your keychain today!

We offer a full line of lithium coin cell batteries in tear strips of 5 batteries. These batteries are great for all small electronics, from the Photon Freedom to medical devices. All lithium batteries are Sony, Maxell, or Energizer, and are brand new.

CR1216 :: CR1220 :: CR1225 :: CR1616 :: CR1620
:: CR2025 :: CR2032 :: CR2430 :: CR2450

LR 1.5V button cell alkaline batteries are used for pedometers, watches, laser lights, laser pointers, calculators, and much more. Our 12V A23 alkaline batteries used for garage door openers. Button cell alkaline batteries are Maxell, and are brand new.


LR41 :: LR43 :: LR44 :: A23 / 23A / GP23A

Silver oxide batteries are often used for watches since they maintain voltage over their lifetime. While silver oxide batteries are more expensive than alkaline, they can last two to three times as long. Silver oxide batteries are Maxell and are brand new.


357, 364, 371, 377, 379, 386, 389, 392

Buy the most popular lithium photo batteries for cameras and other flash technology. Take more photos for a lower price. As always, free shipping on orders $12 and over, even for heavy 2CR5 and CRV3 batteries. Lithium photo batteries are Sanyo, Panasonic, or Tadiran, and are brand new.

CR123A :: CR2 :: 2CR5 :: CRV3 :: 504 15V
1/2 AA TL-5101 3.6V
:: 1/2 AA TL-2150 3.6V

Made by the industry leader, Rayovac hearing aid batteries are the best hearing aid batteries on the market. You can save a little on a another brand that stamps their name on someone else's battery, but when it comes to your ability to hear, dependability is more important than that.


10 (230) :: 312 :: 13 :: 675

Experience an amazing massage with Nukkles massage. Nukkles are lightweight, easy to store, easy to use, and best of all, give you the massage of your life. Once you try them, you will buy a pair for all your friends and relatives. It's surprisingly easy, and most everyone is surprised than such a simple tool can feel so good! Nukkles massagers make the perfect party gift or stocking stuffer.

Other Batteries
AA Alkaline :: AAA Alkaline :: N Battery (E90) :: AA NiMH Rechargeable

The amazing Photon Freedom Light, which is the size of a quarter, is brighter than a standard flashlight at a fraction of the weight.


Photon Light bulb never need replacing. Battery lasts 12 (CR2016) or 120 (CR2032) hours for Photon II, depending on the color. In the Photon Freedom two CR2016 or one CR2032 (depending on color) last 12 hours. LIFETIME warranty. Comes with key chain, so can easily be attached to anything. Best deal on CR2032 and CR2016 batteries for your Photon Lights and all other needs. We now sell long lasting AA 2100 mAh NiMH batteries and alkaline AA and AAA batteries.


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Rave Lights at eravelights ~ Rave Lights at ravnravelights

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